General Purchasing Procedure
1) Provide us the watch reference(s) or picture(s) or any information for our quotation and stock status through the below ways.

Facebook: Aristo Watch & Jewellery l 貴族鐘錶珠寶 @aristowatchandjewellery
Instagram: Aristo Watch & Jewellery 

Whatsapp: +852 59221288 
WeChat: watch_castle
Phone: (+852) 3689 4000
You can also leave a message at the contact form on ‘About US’ page, we will reply you as soon as possible.
2) Please reply within 24 hours to confirm the order placement with details including: the desired model, offered cash price and expected lead time.

3) Pay within 48 hours after the reply.
We accept Cash, Bank / ATM Transfer, EPS, Credit Card for payment.
*If the reply or payment is overdue, we will treat the customer as cancelling the order.
(4) You can make an appointment to pick up in store. We can also send you the product if needed. 
 *Buyers should be responsible for all shipping charges, taxes and handling fees, if applicable.

In order to ensure the quality of our services, direct ordering through the website do not accepted currently.
Our website serves as a channel to check inventory and information about watches.
Owing to the uninterrupted fluxion of current market supply and demand, Please contact us to get the latest quotations and more information.