History of Richard Mille

Richard Mille is a luxury Swiss watch brand that was founded in 1999 by French businessman Richard Mille. However, the history of the brand goes back much further than that.

Richard Mille began his career in the watch industry in 1974, working for companies such as Finhor, a manufacturer of watch movements. He eventually became the CEO of Mauboussin, a French jewelry company, before founding his own watch brand.

Richard Mille enjoys racing and collecting antique cars. After all, the company's tagline is "A racing machine on the wrist. "Mille takes part in Concours d'Elegance for cars on a regular basis. He is the primary sponsor of The Bridge, an exclusive car show held each year in New York's fabled Hamptons.

Richard Mille's vision for the brand was to create highly technical and innovative timepieces that pushed the boundaries of what was possible in watchmaking. From the beginning, Richard Mille watches were designed to be lightweight, durable, and resistant to wear and tear, using cutting-edge materials such as carbon fiber, titanium, and sapphire crystal.

One of the key moments in the brand's history came in 2001, with the launch of the RM 001, the brand's first watch. The RM 001 was an instant success after Richard Mille smashed the watch onto the ground, thanks to its durable, innovative design and high-tech features such as the skeletonized movement.

Since then, Richard Mille has continued to develop innovative and technically advanced watches, often designed for specific sports or activities such as cycling, tennis, and Formula One racing. The brand has also developed a number of unique features, such as the "torsion pendulum" that helps to reduce shock to the movement and the "variable geometry" rotor that can be adjusted according to the wearer's activity level.

Today, Richard Mille is known as one of the most innovative and exclusive luxury watch brands in the world, with a reputation for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in watchmaking. Richard Mille's watches are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, and often command prices in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Why Richard Mille is so expensive?

Richard Mille only produces 3-4 thouands watches per year. These very limited Richard Mille watches are being sold all over the world. It follows that there is a huge demand and a very small supply. This leading to why Richard Mille is so expensive no matter brand new or used watches.

Richard Mille has put a lot of investment on materials. These materials include carbon and quartz fibre NTPT, silicon nitride, TZP ceramic and others that are typically only used in the car racing and aviation industries. Those rare materials make Richard Mille's cost per watch is high and that's why the retail price of Richard Mille is always more expensive then other brands.

The movement inside Richard Mille is complicated as well. The movement parts are usually made of a special alloy which called grade five titanium. Richard Mille has invented butterfly rotor which can be controlled by the user to be acticated or not. Even for the most skeleton models, the movement was subjected to extensive validation tests and can withstand accelerations of over 5000G.

The celebrity effect matters on Richard Mille's price too. Rafael Nadal, who frequently wears Richard Mille watches during tennis matches, attests to their exceptional shock resistance. Even though Nadal's watch only weighs 20 grams and has carried a tourbillon. It can withstand the stress of a five-set match. Bubba Watson, Yohan Blake, Pablo Mac Donough, Romuald Grosjean and Felipe Massa, etc,. They are all the top players in their scope. With these people endorsement, Richard Mille is getting more famous. Wearing a Richard Mille has become a status symbols.

Which Richard Mille watches are the most popular?


RM11-03 a popular collection in Richard Mille Men's watch, especially some of the limited edtion:

1. RM11-03 "McLaren": This version of the RM11-03 was created in collaboration with the McLaren Formula 1 team with a limited number of 500 pieces. It features a sharply orange carbon TPT case, the strap is also styled with Mclaren logo.

2. RM11-03 "Le Mans Classic": The Lemans is limited edition of 150 only. It is created to commemorate the Le Mans Classic car race. It features a white TZP ceramic case, with middle layer of Carbon TPT.

3. RM11-03 "Jean Todt 50th Anniversary": This limited edition of 150 was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the racing driver and motorsport executive Jean Todt. It features a blue and black carbon TPT case.

4. RM11-03 "Black & White": These are the last edition of the RM11-03, features a black and white color scheme, with a white ceramic case and a black rubber strap respectively. Although they are not limited but the number of production was very less.